The Wall

That’s right, The Wall has become so awesome, it now has its own logo. 


One of the greatest things about the Gamers for Cures 24 hour Board Game Marathon has always been the Game Day Raffle. You buy tickets for a buck each, and then you put them in the corresponding box for the items you want to win. There is almost no easier way to help out the Turner Syndrome Society. How many items are there to choose from? Almost 100. These items are all on display at the event site, The Gamer’s Armory, for a few weeks leading up to the event. 100 items takes up a good amount of shelf space, hence “The Wall.” As organizers, we simply refer to the Game Day Raffle as The Wall, in emails, texts, meetings, everything, leading up to the event. So that’s the name we are going with. Here is this year’s Wall below in all its board game awesomeness.


But wait, it gets even better. The fine folks at The Gamer’s Armory have set it up so in addition to buying tickets at the register at the store, you can buy tickets for the Wall online! (Or tickets for the Big Ticket Raffle) Once you purchase tickets, they will put your name on the stub and put it in the appropriate box so you have a chance to win some great prizes right from your couch. (Winners will pay shipping on items that aren’t picked up at the store). And best of all, all the money raised from ticket sales for The Wall go to the Turner Syndrome Society!

The list of items on The Wall is below, with links to each item at The Gamer’s Armory website. To see the whole list at the Gamer’s Armory website, click here! Want to see all of this delicious Wall awesomesauce in a BGG geeklist?  We got you covered, click here.

  1. Item #01 – Alchemy!
  2. Item #02 – Animal Upon Animal
  3. Item #03 – Car Wars the Card Game
  4. Item #04 – Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark
  5. Item #05 – Elysium
  6. Item #06 – MTG From the Vault: Angels
  7. Item #07 – Snake Oil
  8. Item #08 – Star Wars E7 Assault Walker + Elite Speeder Bike
  9. Item #09 – Star Wars Risk
  10. Item #10 – Takenoko + Takenoko Chibis
  11. Item #11 – Wits & Wagers, Party Edition
  12. Item #12 – Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe
  13. Item #13 – Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters Booster Box
  14. Item #14 – Duck Duck Go
  15. Item #15 – Duck Duck Go Safari
  16. Item #16 – Rarrr!!
  17. Item #17 – Mouse Guard RPG HC
  18. Item #18 – Boss Monster Bundle
  19. Item #19 – Tsuro
  20. Item #20 – Hawaii
  21. Item #21 – Istanbul
  22. Item #22 – Justice League Strategy Game
  23. Item #23 – Legendary Encounters Predator
  24. Item #24 – Pandemic Legacy Blue
  25. Item #25 – Thurn N Taxis
  26. Item #26 – Wilderness War
  27. Item #27 – Dead Drop + Expansion
  28. Item #28 – YardMaster + Yardmaster Express
  29. Item #29 – X-Wing New Starter + 17 Alt. Art Promos
  30. Item #30 – Fire Fly Base Game + 2 Expansions + Promos
  31. Item #31 – Nothing Personal
  32. Item #32 – Princess Bride: A Battle of Wits + As You Wish + Mira
  33. Item #33 – Villains and Vigilantes + Expac
  34. Item #34 – Age of Sigmar Starter Box + Citadel Hobby Starter Set
  35. Item #35 – Churchill
  36. Item #36 – Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Expansion 5
  37. Item #37 – Genesis: Ancient Middle East
  38. Item #38 – No Retreat 4: The Italian Front
  39. Item #39 – Thunder Alley – 1st Edition
  40. Item #40 – US Civil War
  41. Item #41 – Wing Leader
  42. Item #42 – Battlestations
  43. Item #43 – Monster Derby
  44. Item #44 – Sentinels Tactics Bundle
  45. Item #45 – Crash Cup Karambolage
  46. Item #46 – Gary Gouda
  47. Item #47 – Golem Arcana Bundle
  48. Item #48 – Machi Koro
  49. Item #49 – Rattus the Card Game
  50. Item #50 – X-Files Board Game
  51. Item #51 – Yedo
  52. Item #52 – Dungeon Fighter
  53. Item #53 – King of Tokyo
  54. Item #54 – Steam Park
  55. Item #55 – Doomtown Reloaded
  56. Item #56 – Munchkin Zombies Collection
  57. Item #57 – Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box
  58. Item #58 – BattleCon: Fate of Indines + War of Indines
  59. Item #59 – Dreadball Xtreme + Player’s Guide
  60. Item #60 – Age of Steam + 2 Expansions
  61. Item #61 – Railways of the World
  62. Item #62 – City of Remnants
  63. Item #63 – Beyond the Rhine
  64. Item #64 – Day of Days
  65. Item #65 – Kawaguchi’s Gamble: Edson’s Ridge
  66. Item #66 – VCS Salerno
  67. Item #67 – The Mighty Endeavor
  68. Item #68 – Evolution
  69. Item #69 – Fools Gold
  70. Item #70 – Quantum
  71. Item #71 – Samurai Spirit
  72. Item #72 – Tokaido
  73. Item #73 – Hordes 2 player Battle Box
  74. Item #74 – Undercity
  75. Item #75 – War Machine 2 player Battle Box
  76. Item #76 – Eight-Minute Empire: Legends + Lost Lands
  77. Item #77 – Paths of Glory
  78. Item #78 – Imperial Settlers + 5 Packs of Sleeves
  79. Item #79 – Space Cadets: Away Mission
  80. Item #80 – Aquasphere
  81. Item #81 – Autographed Star Wars Photos
  82. Item #82 – FOW Guards Armoured Reece Company
  83. Item #83 – Jamberry Jar
  84. Item #84 – Space Hulk
  85. Item #85 – Firefly Shiny Dice
  86. Item #86 – Legendary Villains
  87. Item #87 – VS System Box
  88. Item #88 – D&D Icons Gargantuan Black Dragon
  89. Item #89 – Pandemic + The Cure
  90. Item #90 – PandemicShockn the Brink + In the Lab + State of Emergency



Yet another contest give-away. Frogpants swag and a Signed Scott Johnson book!


Here is yet another Contest for everyone to win some great stuff while helping us raise money for a great cause.

My good friend Scott Johnson over at the Frogpants Network has donated a box o swag (pic coming soon), and an Artist Edition softcover of his kickstarter book as well. That will be a signed copy with a sketch inside. Truly a one of a kind prize offering!

How to enter: Simply go to our First Giving donation site by clicking HERE. For every $5 donated you will have one entry into the drawing. Just simply put FROGPANTS in the comments field when you sign up. Also all donations are Tax Deductible, and you can print out a tax receipt right when you donate.

I will have an end date for the contest soon, and I will update this post. We will announce the winner on an upcomming episode of TMS PM

Any Q’s please post in the comments to this announcement and good luck!


Announcing the “Gamers for Cures Countdown Pic Contest”

Hey everybody,

We have a new contest that we hope will raise awareness of Gamers for Cures and our goal of raising money for the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States. Everyday we have been posting a countdown pic leading up to Nov 7, the day of the Gamers for Cures 24 Hour Board Game Marathon. Here is today’s (Oct 7) pic btw:

31 days until the big event!

31 days until the big event!

We have a really cool prize, a copy of Tiny Epic Defenders from Gamelyn Games!

Look! It's a bunch of Tiny Epic Defenders!

Look! It’s a bunch of Tiny Epic Defenders!

How the contest works is like this:

  • Prize is a free copy of Tiny Epic Defenders
  • Each day a pic will be posted on the @gamersforcures twitter account
  • To enter, retweet the daily countdown pic of the day with your guess of what game is featured for that day
  • The first person to respond with the correct answer on Twitter will receive an entry
  • The day of the event we will randomly choose from all of the entries, that person will win the prize!
  • We would love for you to be at the event (or stop by the store) to pick up the prize, but we can ship it to your address, but only in the United States
  • The Contest will last from the 30th day (Thursday Oct 8) to the last day (Friday Nov 6) leading up to the Marathon (countdown pics 30, 29, 28, …. all the way to 3, 2, 1)

Have fun, and remember to retweet your guess of what game is shown for that day. Even if you don’t get the winning guess, retweet us anyway! We’ll announce who correctly guesses each day, and contact the winner by Twitter or email or in person, you get the idea.

Just a quick reminder, Saturday Nov 7th, 2015 is the date of the big event, and it is being held at The Gamer’s Armory in Cary NC. You can always follow us on Twitter or on Facebook. To donate to the event go to our First Giving site, don’t forget to learn more about Turner Syndrome at the Turner Syndrome Society website. And don’t forget about the Unpub 6 Designer Table contest, the post for that contest is right below this one.

Happy Gaming!




2015 GFC Unpub 6 Designer Table Contest

Unpub logo

Yet another contest for this year’s Gamer for Cures!!!

Just like last year, Darrell Louder, game designer extraordinaire and head honcho over at has graciously given us a table to raffle off to raise some money for Gamers for Curee.

We will be Raffling off a DESIGNER TABLE FOR Unpub 6!! This is the real deal folks. If you are a budding game designer this is the best place on the planet to show off your prototype, get it tested by amazing game testers, and get tons of great feedback. Some feedback even by the likes of publishers and fellow designers.

How to enter: Simply go to our First Giving donation site by clicking HERE. For every $5 donated you will have one entry into the drawing. Just simply put UNPUB in the comments field when you sign up. Also all donations are Tax Deductible, and you can print out a tax receipt right when you donate.

Any Q’s please post in the comments to this announcement and good luck!

Also for more info for Unpub head to



35 Days until the Marathon!


That’s right, just a short 35 days until the 5th Annual Gamers for Cures 24 Hour Marathon to raise money for the Turner Syndrome Society. Remember, it’s happening on Saturday November 7, 2015 at The Gamer’s Armory. We have the official event flyer done, all of the events listed are happening and more. If you want an event flyer to print out you can click here for a pdf version. Also remember to follow us Twitter (we’ll be doing a picture a day countdown to the event, like the one above) and on Facebook. To donate, you can go to our First Giving site, where donating is fast, easy, and secure. Upcoming we will have details on “The Wall”, specifics for various events and raffles, and Dan has some info about the Unpub6 contest.




Meeple Balance Challenge #MeepleGFC2015

So this year we are going to do a Meeple Balance 2015, sponsored by Meeple Source, for a nice early head start to the fund raising for Gamers for Cures. People take pics of themselves balancing meeples on their nose their finger their hat, a table etc., then go to the Gamers for Cures First Giving and make a donation.  After that be sure to challenge others to do the same!

Make sure to use #MeepleGFC2015, as well as get our sponsor of the Challenge, @meeplesource in the tweet and at the end of the contest period we will be giving away $25 to Meeple Source!! We will give it away on 9-13-15.

Don’t forget to use this link to like people to the First Giving site for donations and be sure to put in the subject note in the donation MeepleBalance.
Hopefully people will take a pic, make a donation and challenge others. All for the fun of charity!

So start challenging today!


A wonderful example of meeplebalance in action!

From @jjayess1

Embedded image permalink


First Giving site is now live for the 2015 event!

If you would like to make your tax free donation to this years 5th annual 24 hour board game marathon to benefit Turner Syndrome Society of the US, the 2015 First Giving site can be found HERE!

We are currently accepting donations/sponsors for games, raffle prizes, food for event day for the marathon players and much more.

If you would like to donate please contact Dan directly via the contact form above or mail us at gamersforcures AT gmail

If you are a game publisher and would like to donate games to us at Gen Con please mail us and we would be happy to make arrangements to pick up games while attending Gen Con this year.

Only 4 short months till this year’s event!


Mark your Calanders for the 5th annual Gamers For Cures Board Game Marathon!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, and staying cool, and playing some games!

We have secured our date for this year’s event and with it being the 5th annual event we hope to make it the best one yet!!

This year’s event will be on Sat Nov 7th 2015 and as always will be at the Gamers Armory in Cary NC.

More details to follow but please follow @gamersforcures or @geekjockblog on twitter or like our Gamers for Cures page on facebook for updates!


4th Annual 24 hour marathon is in the books. I cannot thank everyone enough!

I will be posting my yearly wrap up sometime later in the month when I wrangle some pictures but I wanted to report how amazing the event turned out and thank a few people.

With the semi-official numbers in, it looks like our 4th annual Gamers For Cures 24 hour board game marathon to benefit Turner Syndrome Society of The US raised just over $17,000!!!

An amazing event and an amazing turn out.

Hard work sure pays off, and I am so thankful to our sponsors/game publishers and players for an amazing turnout.

I want to thank Adam Skelding for basically being my right hand man throughout all of this year’s planning and for doing an amazing job on all the printed material, the printouts and all things graphical! Thanks buddy!

Thanks to Laura Drew for being an amazing social media Guru!

Thanks as always to Scott and Crystal from the Gamers Armory for hosting and allowing us to have our event at their amazing store each year.

Thanks to CEI for donating the programs. They are simply amazing!

Thanks to Gary Delorenzo for donating our shirts and all the amazing support for our event!

Thanks to all the great ladies of the Turner Syndrome Society of the US for joining us and  volunteering at our event and helping us spread awareness!

Thanks so much to everyone who donated and play and came out to support us.We cannot do this without your support and the fact that all of you out there take the time to join us, donate, or spread the word about our amazing event!

See you next year!!!


PS– I will be posting all the winners of all the items from the raffle wall to the big raffle winners in the coming days!