It’s Almost here!


With the 7th annual event merely days away, here are some items and FAQ I wanted to post.

First if you would like to check out THE WALL, and all the great things we have up here’s the link!…
There are links on each item to where you can go to the Gamers Armory site and buy raffles yourself if you would like to try and win items and will not be in NC this weekend (Need NOT be present to win)

Also if you would like to make a tax-free donation here’s the link as well!

Next we are FULL FULL FULL of Marathon slots but we have some overnight slots available. (Difference being no swag bag, no meals provided but you can come any time after 10am and stay till 8am Sunday! ) $50 donation, mail me at Gamersforcures AT Gmail or come to the Armory and ask on Sat!

People often ask if it costs to play games on Sat,,, NO IT DOES NOT! So please come on in and play games with us. Then buy some 1$ raffles or some of the big raffles as well. You can also purchase a donation package if you would like day of the event to help the cause as well…

Big Ticket Raffle prizes

Package #1 is a $30.00 Donation:

FREE T-Shirt
5 FREE Game Day Raffle Tickets
1 FREE Big Ticket Raffle Ticket

Package #2 is a $50.00 Donation:
FREE T-Shirt
5 FREE Game Day Raffle Tickets
Late Night Game Pass
**This Package is limited as we will only allow
a maximum number of Players for the overnight Event!!

Any Other Q’s Please respond here, Ask on the FB page or mail me directly!

Thanks and see everyone Sat!