Don’t forget to buy Raffles for THE WALL and the big ticket raffle!

As with every year we have THE WALL which is up at the Gamers Armory. However, you DON’T NEED TO BE PRESENT to win, nor to even buy raffles for the items!

You can buy raffles for the items on the wall from The Gamer’s Armory Web store right on the site!

And easy way to get to the store and see what is on the wall is by checking out this list on board game geek. (Thanks to Matt W. For doing this again) Links to purchase the tickets are on the list.

2016 GeekList for THE WALL

If you win the item and are not local you will be responsible for shipping on any items won.

You can also purchase some of the big raffles as well, prizes are as follows.

And of course again for the link to just donate to our cause is HERE as well. You can print out your tax receipt right there!!
Thanks for all your support out there to our great cause!